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Tower of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi puzzle's ultimate goal is to move all the rings from the left rod to the right rod.
There is only one restriction, a ring cannot rest on top of a bigger ring.

About the Tower of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi is one of the most famous puzzle games in the world and this game is widely played in nurseries and elementary schools all over the world. The game consists of three rods and there are a couple of plates.
The discs come in different sizes and they can be slid into any rod that you have. However, the plates should be inserted in a conical shape and the smallest disc is supposed to come on top of the rod. The gameís objective is to move the whole discs from one rod to another but this should be done by following certain rules.

The major rule is that the player can move only a single disc at one time. This itself wipes off the gameís simplicity and brings in the demand for thoughtful moves. If a player indulges in improper moves, winning the game can be a very difficult thing.
The second rule is that the player can move only the upper disc and the disc can be placed only on top of the rod. This becomes even more difficult with the third rule, which states that only smaller discs can be placed on top of another disc. Due to this rule, the otherwise simple moves become very complex.

Edouard Lucas, a French mathematician invented the Tower of Hanoi in 1883. Lucas was a famous mathematician in Ancient France and he was very interested in mathematics. His great interest for the subject resulted in several experiments and this is how he came up with a new topic to conduct research. Lucas was fascinated by Vietnamese temple architecture that contains large room with three time worn posts.
The posts were surrounded by 64 golden discs. The priests of Hanoi once got a command from prophecy on how to move the discs and it was very similar to a puzzle game.

According to the legend, the last puzzle should not move because if someone moves the last puzzle, the world will come to an end. Due to this, the game got a name, Brahma Puzzle which was related to the god of creation, Brahma. However, there are no evidences to connect Lucasís game with this legend but there are arguments that Lucas also got inspired from the story and developed an all new game.
Even the story itself has several variations and not many historians are clear from where the story originated. Buddhist influence in Asia transformed this story and it became a monastery and monk related one.

The game can be played with any number of discs and this is one of the greatest things about the game. Many versions meant for children have limited number of discs and the typical ranges of discs are from seven to nine. For newcomers, the game is a tough task and there is no wonder if someone feels that the game is impossible to track. The game can be solved with a very simple algorithm but without proper knowledge about this algorithm, this game is a tough one to play.
There is no doubt that the Tower of Hanoi is one of the finest puzzle games that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. Even though there are many variations for the game, the major game principle remains the same.
There are many people who found this game to be very difficult but they can also learn and win Tower of Hanoi with a little bit of education and practice. You can get large range of online tutorials on various websites and in detail solutions for each move and this can help you to win the game quickly.

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