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Your goal is to mark all the squares that contain mines,
A square can contain a mine, or a number that represents how many mines are hiding in the neighboring squares.
Click on a square to reveal its content, or hold the spacebar and click a square to mark it.

About Minesweeper

When we hear about computer games, one of the first games that will pop up to our minds is Minesweeper. This game's objective is to clear through a minefield that is filled with mines but the player should not detonate mines.
Originated as a puzzle game, Minesweeper was similar to Mined-Out video game of 1980s. One of the famous puzzle games that were quite similar to Minesweeper was Cube, which occurred on earlier MS-DOS computer systems. In Cube, the player took the role of a United Sates Marine Cop who is taking an assignment to deliver important information to the United Sates government. However, the technical side of Minesweeper shows more similarity to RLogic (Relentless Logic).

Windows operating system gets the major credit for popularizing this video game all over the world. Bundled as a default game in the earlier versions of Windows Operating Systems, most computer users from different parts of the world were very familiar with this video game for a long time.
The game has a grid with gray squares and this is what the player will be seeing when he starts the game. The size of this grid is based on the skill level that the player chooses. If the player chooses to play the game on a higher level, he will be left with a large grid and the objective of the game is to move through the boxes where mine is not placed. Once the player clicks in a square without a mine, a digit can be seen in that square. The digit is an indication towards the squares where a mine is placed most probably.

This is why the game requires intelligence and problem solving skills. Player is allowed to place a flag on any square where he believes to have a bomb. If the player is confused whether a mine exists in the square or not, he can right click in the flagged square such that a question mark will pop up. The question mark suggests that the player is not sure whether a mine is placed in the square or not.
The objective of the game is to expose as many boxes as possible within a time frame. Needless to say, Minesweeper has a deep impression in most of our minds, especially the Windows version of the game. There were several thousands of people who enjoyed this game and started to like puzzle games. This is why Minesweeper is considered as a cult game in the history of earlier puzzle games. Today, there are some electronic playing devices that feature Minesweeper but the game is not bundled with personal computers.

However, the game has a strong history and the intelligent coding of the game require a certain level of talent for the players. There is no doubt that this game can be the best brain enhancement tool for your child or even for you as an adult because this game provides you with sufficient mental exercise.
Problem solving situations in the game not only requires a lot of intelligence and decision making skills but it also requires patience. There is no doubt that this game will enhance a person's overall ability to make quick and successful decisions and to deal with different situations accordingly. There are many latest formats of Minesweeper that you can get from various internet sources. There is no doubt that Minesweeper is a game that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime. For children, this game is a very good mental exercise and for adults, this game can be one of the most desirable recreational tools.

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