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Try to guess the hidden word, choose a letter from the bottom panel to reveal it.
You have only limited number of tries, depends on the difficulty level of the game.

About Hangman

Hangman is probably the most recognized paper and pencil games in the world. This game is spread all over the world and crossed every linguistic and cultural barrier. The game's objective lies between two players where one chooses a word which he shall not disclose with the other player.
The other player is known as a guesser and his duty is to find out the word the first person has kept in his mind. If the guesser fails to guess the word, he will be hanged and the objective of the game is to escape from hanging.

The origin of Hangman is not very clear but one of the most agreed theories is that in Victorian Era, the game was prominent in the United Kingdom. Alice Bertha Gomme mentioned about the game Hangman in her book 'Traditional Games' and this was in 1894.
The rule for the game was simple even in the first version. A player will write the first and last letters of a word. This word is usually the name of an animal and the next player should guess this name. The first digital version of the game was released in 1978 for Speak and Spell Video Game Company. The game however came with another name, Mystery Word.

There is no doubt that Hangman is a very simple game but can be enjoyed by people with different intelligence levels and interests. This game is quite elegant and requires a lot of concentration and focus on what you are doing.
There is no other way for someone to win the game. Good level of knowledge on grammar and excellent command over English language is another two important things to win these games. There are many variations of the game that were translated to many other languages and with those games; you need to have knowledge in that particular language.

Unscrambling the words is a challenging part of the game and this can leave the players with lots of fun. The paper and pencil version of the game features dashes for the missing words. However, the missing dashes will give the player the exact number of letters in the word as the number of dashes will be equal to the number of letters in the sentence.
The word guessing is the next part and the fun starts here. The game ends when the guesser completes guessing the word successfully. The other player wins the game if he successfully draws the diagram before the guesser completes guessing the word.

For the student versions of the game, Hangman is not used in many schools and nurseries as there are questions about the diagram of a Hangman.
One of the common alternate options are the diagram of an apple tree with ten apples and according to the proceedings of the guesser, the player can either add or erase apples from the tree. The exact nature of a Hangman game differs based on the cultures and local influences. There are many variations for the diagram and even the game's name Hangman is not the same in every country.

There are many ways to play and win the game and this is heavily influenced on the basis of the player's knowledge on the English language. Excellent players will be well versed in English also and they will come up with very difficult words.
There are many tricks to tackle and crack such words and one of the common techniques is guessing the vowels first. As a rule of thumb, English language has only five vowels but there are rarely any words that do not feature at least one vowel. This makes the guessing part easier.

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